Utblick conducts forward-looking evaluations of the work, projects and collaborative initiatives. A more in-depth understanding of reality provides greater prerequisites to reach a common understanding and successfully achieve desired results. Evaluations are conducted in Sweden and internationally.

Facilitation and Training

Utblick offers process management and training to organisations and businesses that wish to develop the culture, structure and leadership. An external support in change processes helps you to clarify what you want to achieve and create the conditions necessary to reach your desired results based on your needs and aspirations. Dialogue and participative methods are key elements in the process.

Strategic advice and coaching

Utblick offers strategic support to those who face challenges in their businesses or in interactions in the workplace. An external strategic sounding board helps you to assess the current situation more clearly, understand the underlying causes and thereby with greater accuracy and confidence formulate what you want to achieve and move from insight to action. The support is offered to executive teams, managers and employees.