UTBLICK creates clarity for success

This is how I work with you as a client to make it happen.

1. What do you want to achieve? 

To succeed with a change, it is essential to be very clear on what you want to achieve. What is success for you? Based on your needs, visions, and prerequisites I help you to discern and pinpoint the purpose as well as the desired results. We do it through dialogue. Specific questions are defined based on the crystallized purpose.

2. What does the reality look like?

The next step will be to find out what the current situation looks like and how it can be understood and explained. A systematic approach and a combination of methods are used to gather experiences, thoughts and ideas from key persons and relevant perspectives. The data collection often consists of document study, interviews and workshops.

By gathering and bringing together multiple perspectives, we can move from assumptions and guesses about how reality seems be to actually know and agree on a common understanding. The analysis highlights important aspects, patterns and makes the complex intelligible. A holistic view is combined with an in-depth one. 

3. What are the critical change factors?

A clear picture of reality makes it easier to understand and identify what needs to be changed to achieve success. What factors would affect the change? What challenges and opportunities do you have? 

We find the answers in a joint analysis.

4. What should be prioritized?

Based on the analysis and a joint future oriented discussion you’ll get strategic support and advice to develop an action plan. 

5. Action

I guide you from insight to action and facilitate the change process based on your needs. For instance, it might be activities to communicate and integrate what is new and/or needs to be strengthened.